Donald Trump hilariously speaks and speaks about how he's not allowed to speak (video)

Donald Trump bitterly complained to reporters this morning before entering the Manhattan courtroom, speaking at length about how "they have taken away my constitutional right to speak."

"The gag order has to come off!" cried the 91-times charged ex-president, oblivious to the fact that his gag is nowhere to be seen. "People are allowed to speak about me, and I have a gag order, just to show you how much more unfair it is."

He then proceeded to speak about — as in bash — Judge Juan Merchan, before obsessing again over his invisible gag. "The gag order has to come off! I should be allowed to speak. Every time I come out to speak to you, I want to be open. … Trump did nothing wrong! They've taken away my constitutional right to speak, and that includes speaking to you," the confused conman said, apparently not aware that he was speaking right into a news camera.

"I have a lot to say to you, and I'm not allowed to say it," he went on, saying a lot more than anyone gives a hoot about. "And I'm the only one."

"Everyone else can say whatever they want about me. They can say anything they want. They continue to make up lies and everything else. They lie. They're real scum," said the most dishonest and vulgar former president in U.S. history, who never stops talking and Xitting out whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with no true repercussions. "But you know what? I'm not allowed to speak." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)