Live webcams let you watch and feed China's stray cats

In the mood to watch (and listen to) feral cats in China munch from food bowls?'s got you covered. The website has links to live webcams installed in little feeding boxes around China. The boxes are called "Hello Street Cat Intelligent Stray Cat Management House" and each house has three cameras so you can see the cats from the front, top, and back. Here's a photo of one of the houses.

When a cat approaches, the system scans its features and creates a digital profile, tracking the cat's movements and behavior over time. The houses also have food dispensers that can automatically release kibble or treats when users donate through the Hello Street Cat app. This helps ensure the stray cats are being regularly fed and cared for.

"How Hello Street Cat works is by monitoring every cat that enters the cat house, scan the cat's back, front, and sides, and create a file based on the cat," says StreetCatWiki. "After the cat is monitored for awhile and it's behavior is recorded properly, the cat will be either neutered or adopted." The programs creators say they have spayed or neutered 25,125 cats as of February 2024.

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