The 9 Levels of Pickpocketing explained by a magician

Learn about a magician Ben Seidman's 9 Levels of Pickpocketing from easy to complex. (Seidman only ever picks pockets as part of his magic act, and never actually takes anyone's belongings home with him).

I thought Seidman's demonstration shows that a big part of being a sneaky pickpocketer is about distraction and hiding your intent. He shows how he can re-directs someone's attention so they don't notice when he swipes their belongings. This video is useful information so that you can protect yourself if someone tries one of these tricks on you in public. 

"Attenzione, pickpockets! Magician Ben Seidman demonstrates and explains pickpocketing techniques in 9 levels of difficulty, from the easiest to most complex. From a traditional outside jacket pocket snatch to stealing someone's neck tie in broad daylight, this sleight-of-hand expert shows us how to protect ourselves from master pickpocket petty theft." 

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