Chris Pratt destroys gorgeous, historic mid-century modern house to build a gaudy mansion

Actor Chris Pratt (Just About Every Movie Franchise) and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger have just destroyed the 1950 Zimmerman house in Los Angeles so that they could replace it with a massive home "in the modern farmhouse style that has come to dominate US suburbs." Link to an article by Dani Anguiano in The Guardian is here.

Chris Pratt has drawn ire from architecture aficionados after news broke that the actor and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, had razed a historic, mid-century modern home to make way for a sprawling 15,000-sq-ft mansion.

Last year, the couple purchased the 1950 Zimmerman house, designed by the architect Craig Ellwood, in Los Angeles's Brentwood neighborhood for $12.5m. The residence, with landscaping by Garrett Eckbo – who has been described as the pioneer of modern landscaping – had previously been featured in Progressive Architecture magazine.

Here is a video showing the property as it existed in 2022, just before it was purchased by Pratt and Schwarzenegger.


Hurl!! I have a video posted back in December 2022 on the sale itself if you want to see more of the family's collections. Is Brentwood too far gone?? #midcenturymodern #midcenturyhome #chrispratt #craigellwood #architecturelovers #modernfarmhouse

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This tweet from Derf Backderf (on BlueSky) sums it up: