Bell-ringing "Salamancas' dog" demands to be let outside

Say happy birthday to four-year-old miniature dachshund Willow! I've been watching the videos of Willow that her human, Tray, has been posting on social media, and I can't stop laughing. 

When she was younger, to help with her house training, Willow learned to ring a bell to alert Tray that she had to go outside. She's also learned that ringing the bell will give her attention, as well as treats. Now she's a bell-ringing pro!

This video of Willow ringing the bell is one of my favorites. She's so demanding with her incessant bell ringing and her no-nonsense stare. Someone commented, "No waggy tail, there were standing on business," which seems to be entirely true!

Another viewer, and Breaking Bad fan, asked if Tray could put the Breaking Bad music behind the video, which is just awesome. Someone commented, "The Salamancas' dog" which made me laugh.

This one is especially funny, as she adds a little growl to her demanding bell ringing.

Enjoy these videos of Willow, and to see more of the bell-obsessed pooch on Instagram or TikTok.


Replying to @Gladiananails 🤷‍♀️

♬ original sound – Tray & Willow

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♬ original sound – Tray & Willow

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