Equinox: help an AI activate a damaged ship in this free web game

Equinox is a perfectly-made free web game—a very short one, to show off Little Workshop's skills—made with three.js and a custom game engine.

Making use of visual & sound effects, voiceovers, along with an evolving soundtrack, we aimed to bring a cinematic quality to the experience.

The entire project, encompassing art direction, asset production, music creation, and writing, was conceived and executed in-house by our team.

This initiative reflects our studio's commitment to crafting immersive, interactive experiences that deeply engage users, serving as a blueprint for how we can bring a client's vision to life.

I really dig the handmade yet clinical art style, the unobtrusive yet mood-setting music, and the fact it works smoothly on everything I tried it with, including my phone. It send me looking for something similar that's more complete and I found Tacoma, which looks just the ticket.

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