Tucker Carlson humiliates himself by denying evolution on Joe Rogan podcast

Aggressively incurious charlatan Tucker Carlson recently went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to hold forth on the topic of evolution.

"I think we've kind of given up on the idea of evolution," he told Rogan. That's correct, if you define "we" to be the QAnoners and moms-basement incels who make up Carlson's audience. Even Rogan, who loves sharing moronic on his podcast balked, sputtering bewildered protests. But Carlson forged ahead, free from the burden of facts or knowledge.

"No, there's no evidence at all that — none, zero — that people evolved seamlessly from a single cell amoeba," Carlson declared with unearned confidence. "No, there's not. There's no chain in the fossil record of that at all."

His confident dismissal of over 150 years of empirical research across multiple fields is staggering in its ignorance. Thanks to countless fossil discoveries clearly showing incremental evolutionary steps, we absolutely do have copious evidence for the emergence of humans and other complex life from far simpler ancestral forms.

But according to Tucker's solipsistic viewpoint, " But Darwin's theories — totally un[proven] — that's why it's still a theory almost 200 years later. No, we have not found that at all."

Let's pause here to laugh at poor Tucker's garbled misconception of what a scientific theory even means. In Tucker's world, a theory is mere hunch or blind faith belief. But among scientists, a theory is the highest form of verified, evidence-backed explanation, validated by extensive real-world testing.

In fact, Carlson thinks humanity knows less today than is did in the Bronze Age. "God created people, distinctly, and animals. I mean, I think that's like, I think what every person on earth thought until the mid 19th century, actually," he told Rogan followed by a scary peal of high-pitched hysterical laughter. "It's not a new idea."

Right again, Tucker — it's an old idea and a it's been corrected since then. The fact that evolution remains a theoretical framework is precisely because it has withstood scrutiny and continuous re-evaluation for centuries. It's a feature, not a bug! Meanwhile, Tucker happily waves away all that rigorous knowledge in favor of…God did it? Some deeply insightful stuff there, Tuck.

Watch the video here or below to get the full dose of Carlson's anti-scientific drivel.

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