(Video) Tucker hits rock bottom: a year of pathetic lowlights from the fallen Fox News powerhouse

Whew, what a rough year it's been for Tucker Carlson. The former Fox News heavyweight has tumbled from the cable news mountaintop, going from the #1 rated show to peddling 8chan conspiracy theories on Twitter.

As TikToker Kat Abu ("I watch conservatives for work but make fun of them for pleasure") lays out, Tucker's spectacular fall from being "one of the most powerful men in America" to a just another ranting right-wing crank interviewing "unhinged lunatics on a dying website" is delicious karmic justice.

In her video that exposes the aftermath of the smug, overprivileged blowhard's crashed and burned cable news career, Abu describes how Tucker gave airtime to disgraced pharma bro Martin Shkreli, QAnon queen Marjorie Taylor Greene, incel favorite Andrew Tate, accused sexual predator Kevin Spacey, and Larry Sinclair, an "obvious pathological liar who claims he had crack-fueled sex with Barack Obama years ago." As Abu says, "Really credible stuff."

But his rock bottom moment? The fawning Vladimir Putin sit-down where, as Abu put it, "Putin was in control for almost the entire time, alternating between humiliating and lecturing Tucker." Even Putin mocked Tucker for asking too many "softball questions."

From his makeshift studio far from his former throne in Manhattan, Tucker's paranoid worldview has ballooned, obliterating any remaining shreds of journalistic credibility he may have had. Once the kingmaker of Republican politics, now he's been relegated to the fringes, an exiled court jester for the MAGA crowd.

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