Cities are using Ballot Bins that allow smokers to "vote" on questions by depositing their cigarette butts

A Ballot Bin is a $400 litter-prevention device designed for areas where smokers congregate. It features a clear glass front that displays two answer slots underneath a question, like "Best Superpower?" Smokers "vote" on the question by depositing their cigarette butts into the slot corresponding to their preferred answer ("Flying" or "Invisibility"). The butts accumulate behind the glass, visually demonstrating which response is more popular among users. The questions displayed can be easily swaped out by the owner. According to the manufacturer, Ballot Bins reduce cigarette butt litter by up to 73%.

In Lisbon, butt voters already declared Biden's re-election a shoo-in for 2024 — seems about as legit as a Rasmussen poll!

Of course, these will only work in cities where the boxes won't be vandalized or stolen. If they were installed most anywhere in the United States they be smashed to bits in the morning unless they were made of Adamantium.