Kevin McCarthy's longtime friend and political protege investigated for sex crime against daughter

According to LA Magazine, Kevin McCarthy's longtime friend and protege, Kern County Supervisor Zack Scrivner, is under criminal investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting his daughter.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood said Scrivner is being probed over "sexually assaulting his pre-teen daughter."

Police arrived at Scrivner's Tehachapi home after receiving a call from his aunt, District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer, who warned them that Scrivner was armed. When deputies arrived, they found a horror scene.

Deputies dispatched to the scene discovered Scrivner had already been disarmed and had sustained two stab wounds in a physical altercation with his children, sparked by the assault allegations.

Thirty guns, electronic devices, and psychedelic mushrooms were seized from Scrivner's residence, leading to forensic examinations to determine potential influence.

The LA Times reports that one of Scrivner's children stabbed him in the chest twice to protect his sibling. Scrivener has four children all under the age of 18 and all of who were at the home when the alleged attack occurred.

From KPVR:

An early investigation revealed the stabbing occurred over allegations that Scrivner sexually assaulted one of his four children, the sheriff said. When pressed on those allegations by a reporter, the sheriff responded: "I wouldn't be standing up here if we didn't believe something occurred."\

Youngblood said it appeared one of Scrivner's children was defending a sibling when the alleged stabbing occurred. The names and ages of the children, who are minors, were not released to protect their identities, Youngblood said.

Evidence collected by the sheriff's office will be processed outside of Kern County due to Scrivner's relation to Zimmer, the district attorney. The California Attorney General's Office was contacted to review the criminal case.

Scrivner's lawyer H.A. Sala is leading Scrivner's damage control machine by trying to rebrand this as just a sad tale of "mental health crisis and pending divorce," hoping it excuses the allegation of sexual assault of a child. And it might just work, because when it comes to the GOP, a little spin can twist the minds of MAGA cultists into thinking this is Republican family values at their finest.