Oklahoma bus crashes after passenger punches the driver — all because he wouldn't illegally pull over (video)

Video shows an Oklahoma gentleman violently attacking a bus driver while they were zipping through traffic, causing the bus to swerve and crash into a business.

The fight began, according to KFOR, when the 23-year-old passenger asked to be let off at an intersection that wasn't a designated bus stop. When the driver told him he would pull over at the next stop, the man flew into a rage, punching the driver several times in the face and yanking him away from his seat.

Another passenger tried to stop the fight, but without anyone behind the wheel, the bus couldn't help but crash. Upon impact, the driver began to fly toward the windshield, but was saved by his seatbelt. (See footage below, posted by TMZ.)

After the wreck, the aggressor ran off, but was later caught and arrested. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported, although the bus driver sustained "some bumps and bruises."

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