The Karen Speaker Manager guitar pedal will give you a new tone to speak to the manager with

The Special Cranker pedal from Earthquaker Devices is the secret weapon to my guitar tone—an "transparent" overdrive pedal that really makes it sound like someone just cranked your amp to 11 (no matter how loud you're actually playing). In fact, the circuit was originally used in an even simpler pedal called the Speaker Cranker. Because really, that's what it does! And it's perfect!

But boutique guitar pedal designer Eddie Rifkind was bold enough to challenge perfection in true "Don't take that tone with me!" style by taking that circuit and modifying it into the KAREN Speaker Manager. From the listing:

Originally a heavily modified clone of the EQD Speaker Cranker, the new circuit has been completely redesigned, including a second gain stage with switchable clipping (the HAIRCUT switch, for more volume or more clipping) and a switchable treble and bass Baxandall tone stack ("don't use that tone with me").

Many BoingBoing readers will see that description and think "What the fuck does any of that mean?" Which is fair. If that's you, then just revel in the novelty of the meme-ified joke. If you're like me, however, this pedal could be totally worth the $120 for both the LOLz and the sick tone enhancement.

Or, if the Speaker Manager is too much for you, the company also sells a Basic Karen.

Karen Speaker Manager [Eddie Rifkind Effects]

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