Trump's courtroom is too cold to nap and fart comfortably

Even the courtroom temperature is a plot against this sleepy, flatulent defendant.

Amid his hush money trial, Donald Trump is even complaining of a deliberately cold courtroom, suggesting there is a conspiracy to discomfort him. Other reports claim the actual environmental distraction in the room is Trump himself, who supposedly off-gasses a storm while nodding off to sleep.

After telling reporters, "I think yesterday went very well in this courthouse — should be over, the case is over," Trump later added, "So we have another day of court in a freezing court, in the courthouse, it's very cold on purpose I believe."

"They don't seem to be able to get the temperature up," he continued to complain. "It shouldn't be that complicated, but we have a freezing court and that's fine, that's just fine."


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