Kansas City cop allegedly stole $320,000 from anti-crime charity

Kansas City cop Aaron McKie, 46, was charged Friday with wire fraud and money laundering after allegedly using $300,000 in donations from an anti-crime group for his own expenses. A cop for 24 years and long-involved in a "Crime Free" local nonprofit, he appears to have used it as a personal piggy bank.

According to the indictment, McKie began to defraud donors in July 2009 and lasted until October 2023, according to the news release. … Here is a breakdown of how the money was spent:

$125,989 in travel, entertainment, restaurants, and bars;
$57,278 in retail and luxury;
$41,040 in transfers to personal accounts;
$36,874 in cash;
$27,279 pre-2016;
$23,298 in household expenses;
$8,299 in personal tax payments.

Kansas City, Missouri P.D., posted a statement after his indictment:

"In September of 2023, our department learned of potential fraud on the part of one of our officers and immediately began an investigation. The alleged fraud involved the financial activity associated with a nonprofit, run by an officer, that assisted with the Crime Free Multi-Housing program. We immediately placed the officer involved on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. Our investigators subsequently forwarded the results of the investigation to the U.S. Attorney's office for its review."

$300k over 15 years isn't much, by the standards of the genre, but it is fascinating that it was going on for so long with no-one noticing. One cannot help but wonder if thing about being in a gang is that if you don't share anymore, you're not in the gang anymore. That said, they haven't fired him, according to The Kansas City Star, and alas, no mugshot!

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