Baby cow looks into a mirror for the first time and makes a handsome new friend (video)

When a baby cow named Milo looked into a mirror for the first time, he became a bit bashful and kept his distance. But he couldn't take his eyes off the handsome little guy staring back at him.

And after a few moments, he built up the courage to take a few steps forward, but abruptly stopped when he noticed the coy newcomer had the same idea.

Finally, young Milo built up the courage to step around the mirror to check out his new friend from behind — only to find that the other cow had disappeared! But not to worry, he retraced his steps and found his reflection once again, and was now finally confident enough to say "hello" with a sniff. (See video below, posted by thehuskyfam.)

In the video comments, the cow's human said that Milo now enjoys admiring himself in the mirror every chance he gets.


He was so proud of himself when he finally built up the courage to say hi.. 🥹 Milo loves looking in the mirror now, we bring it out on occasions for a different type of enrichment! #cute #cow #react #mirror

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