Interpretive dance with a 22-ton excavator

In the next three minutes, prepare to witness a man, machine, and their unlikely ballet. The plot of this short film follows a man, after finishing up his day's work, catching sight of a 22-ton John Deere excavator and then instead of walking away, he's drawn into a mesmerizing dance with it. While it's all a daydream, and possibly an objectophilia fantasy, there is a surprising beauty to it. "Modern Daydreams 1: Deere John" is a 2000 short film directed by Mitchell Rose, starring Jamey Hampton and Excavator 690E-LC. [via San Francisco Dance Film Festival]

P.S. There are three other shorts in the "Modern Daydreams" series.

"A man and a 22-ton John Deere excavator do a dance of discovery, fulfillment, and eventually, the loss that any diesel-based relationship must suffer."