Helldivers 2's new enemy revealed: Sony

SWEET LIBERTY! The greatest threat to managed democracy has emerged: An announcement that all Helldivers must log in to the game via a Playstation account, which is unavailable due to region issues for many players, has set the community on fire.

Arrowhead Games has pretty much told the user base to suck it up in response to widespread panic over Sony's decree all players must log in via the PlayStation Network (PSN.) Hell, Divers everywhere are pissed off at this invasion of their managed privacy. The community has pulled together to defeat the Automatons and the Terminids time and again, but Sony has lawyers.

"I paid $40 for this game and got well over 100 hours of fun out of it, absolutely got my money's worth," redditor dudeitsivan said. "Some of the most fun I've had playing video games in as long as I remember. I'll miss the game like crazy. But I will not be making a PS account.

"As much as I hate my own sentiment on this, I hope this kills player count. It'll be the only thing that will make Sony reconsider."

"It sucks," added DarthArcanus. "Arrowhead devs seem awesome. The game is awesome. But I won't support this. Period. I'll move onto other games. May not scratch the itch Helldivers did, but there's always something new."

"Just adding to say I'll do the same," commented stupherz. "Was going to spend money to get the new Warbond too but guess not anymore. Was fun but I refuse to tolerate this out of principle."