Braille Hot Wheels cars

I've heard of selling toys in a "blind assortment" (individual toys packed in "surprise" closed boxes—you don't know which one you'll get!), but this recent Mattel Hot Wheels car is an interesting "blind" offering.

In partnership with the National Federation of the Blind, Mattel took their iconic "Twin Mill" concept car and added actual raised Braille bumps to the castings. The bumps on one side of the die cast car read "TWIN", while the other side it says "MILL." The bumps on the rear of the car read "#68," while the bottom of the chassis spells out "HOT WHEELS TWIN MILL."

Props to Mattel for continuing to expand their toy lines to be more inclusive—especially with such a clever idea.

There are other variations in the series, including an all bare metal ZAMAC (zinc-aluminum-magnesium-copper casting alloy) version (with more heft), and a matte-finish painted version, in addition to the lighter, smooth plastic version. Hot Wheels for all the feels!

I like how, as an "added touch," the blister card's bubble also has Braille molded into it, spelling out "HOT WHEELS TWIN MILL" That's a clever "TRY ME" package!