UK to ban new unisex toilets

After a sound thrashing in local elections left them in third place behind Labour and Liberal Democrats, the U.K.'s governing Conservative party is doubling-down on culture war rhetoric: it plans to push through a ban on unisex toilets in new construction first proposed last year.

New restaurants, public toilets, shopping centres and offices in England will be required to have separate male and female toilets under proposed legislation, the government has said. The law will affect new non-residential buildings as part of a push "ending the rise" of gender-neutral toilets, Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch said. … Last week the government also announced proposals to ensure hospital patients in England have the right to request treatment on single-sex wards, with transgender people placed in rooms on their own.

As the English middle classes now live in terror of David Walliams lurking in-character in toilets and government facilities, the Conservatives' plan is probably going to be popular. But it is the only plan they have.