US: Israel may have broken international law with our weapons and we will keep sending them more

In a statement issued on friday evening, the United States said that Israel may have breached international law with American-supplied weapons. It also said that the flow of munitions will continue all the same.

While the report was a clear rebuke of some Israeli operations in Gaza, it stopped short of definitively saying that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) campaign had breached international law.

Israel had had to confront an "extraordinary military challenge" fighting Hamas in Gaza, it said.

And it added that assurances it had received from Israel about adhering to the legal use of US weapons were "credible and reliable".

One thing worse than supplying the weapons in the first place is admitting that they're being used to commit war crimes and then promising to sending more. To lack leadership, resolve or coherent policy is just Democrats, but Joe Biden's parasocial relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu is going to be the end of him.