Who's a better dancer, this human or this parrot? You decide!

Smac McCreanor is brilliant! We've featured her work several times here in the past, but I just had to share what I think is some of her best work yet.

Check out these fantastic videos where she's dressed exactly like a parrot named Darwin who has some absolutely killer dance moves. Somehow, Smac transforms herself into the smooth bird, and watching them dance side by side is like watching twin souls moving together as if they've known each other forever. They're just like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth! Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey! John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John! I'm telling you, I could watch them forever!

Here's the duo dancing to Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love." And here they are grooving to the theme from the Pink Panther. Finally—and this is my favorite—here's Smac and Darwin getting down to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal." Enjoy!

For more of this fine feathered (and faux-feathered) fabulousness, follow Smac and Darwin on TikTok. 


DC: @🦜 Darwin & Sophia 👩🏻 #bird #dance

♬ original sound – Smac

Green Panther/Parrot • with my choreographer @🦜 Darwin & Sophia 👩🏻 (someone suggested this song and i had to try it hehe)

♬ The Pink Panther – Main Theme – Geek Music

Replying to @!𝕭𝖆𝖙𝖕𝖍𝖔𝖓𝖊¡•🦇• well i'll be dammed, this somehow got smoother. 🦜 @🦜 Darwin & Sophia 👩🏻

♬ Smooth Criminal (2012 Remaster) – Michael Jackson