Snake at a wedding: reptile stopped by to say "congratulationsssss" but is rudely removed from celebration

Watch these wild videos of a woman named Erika Rodriguez, who was attending her sister's outdoor wedding in Florence, Arizona on May 5th. She encountered a five-foot-long snake hanging out near where the ceremony was going to be held and jumped into action, picking up the snake and calmly carrying it away from the wedding guests. Luckily, the snake, although large and scary looking, was a harmless gopher snake. Fox 10 Phoenix shares the details:

"The snake kept making appearances in the little cocktail area. The worker had tried to catch him, but he flipped onto the steps and the deck right there. He came out again," she [Erika] recalled. Erika says there was an employee at the venue who conveniently disappeared, and that's why she took action.

The snake was released in a safe spot and Erika was rewarded with a beer at the wedding's open bar.

"As a kid, I was very tomboyish, so I was outside catching grasshoppers and toads and snakes and whatever I could," Erika said. "Thank you, Steve Irwin."

I love how utterly chill Erika looks while picking up the snake and walking it to safely. What an absolute boss. Great job, Erika! And congrats to your sister on her wedding!

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