USPS suspends mail to impassible "sandpit streets" in Florida village

The United States Postal Service's grandiose pledge about persevering through any obstacle — "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night" — turns out it has a major asterisk. Apparently, they failed to account for the scourge of sandpit roads.

USPS has decided to completely suspend mail delivery to the sandy hellscape known as Inverness Village 4 in Citrus County, Florida. According to the postmaster's letter, the roads are simply "not passable with our government vehicles." So much for that whole "swift completion of their appointed rounds" bit.

Resident Luann Barker is bummed out: "There's more sand here than there was at the beach," she told ABC Action News. The poor soul moved from South Florida's idyllic shores only to find her new home turned into a giant litter box, courtesy of the area's spectacular lack of drainage and road maintenance.

The USPS, currently run by an incompetent MAGA lunatic who refuses to resign, apologized "for the inconvenience." But it's not all Lois DeJoy's fault, as much I a would love to blame him. This whole fiasco stems from good old-fashioned bureaucratic dysfunction. The county refused to maintain the roads since they were never properly constructed in the first place. Meanwhile, the builders are pointing fingers back at the county. It's a riveting game of hot potato over who's responsible.

So while USPS letters may struggle to reach Inverness Village 4 amid the dunes, at least the residents can sleep soundly knowing their tax dollars are hard at work…burying this whole debacle under layers of red tape.