Tesla seems scared Musk's bloated pay package won't fly

Tesla has finally tried advertising to help sell something: shareholder approval of Elon "I hate advertising" Musk's ridiculous $55 billion pay package.

Tesla has notified the SEC that it is running ads for its shareholder approval process of Elon's now $55 billion pay package and the corporation's move to Texas. Naturally, Elon is advertising on The Xitter. After years of telling us advertising was worthless, someone is now trying to sell their uninspiring cars and imagined ketamine pay package with sponsored tweets.

Last month, Tesla told shareholders that it will ask them to vote on moving Tesla's state of incorporation to Texas and then revote for Musk's compensation plan without changing anything.

Since then, Tesla has been working hard to get shareholders to vote for those two items. It started a website to promote it, sent countless communications to shareholders about it, and now, the company's board is going a step further.

In a new filing with the SEC, Tesla confirmed that it is now buying ad spaces to encourage shareholders to vote for these items:

Tesla has to file with the SEC all the "communications" it has with shareholders regarding the vote and this time, the communications are listed as "sponsored" on Google – meaning that Tesla bought Google ads for it.

The automaker even spent money on Elon Musk's pockets by buying ads on X with the post listed as "promoted".


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