"Unadoptable" shelter mutt competes in Westminster agility competition

Miles is an unlikely competitor at a Westminster Kennel Club Championship, even in the race for the agility competition, not for Best in Show. Six years ago, Miles was in a shelter in Erie, Pennsylvania. He's a "cattle dog-border collie-lab-hound mix, or "All-American dog," according to the AKC." He had been returned several times and was considered virtually unadoptable. He was afraid of everything and had health issues. Everything started to change for Miles when he was adopted by Christine Longnecker, a horse trainer. It turned out to be the perfect match. 

From the Keystone

"Miles comes to all the barns with me," Longnecker said. "All of my clients, and the horse community at large, call him Coach Miles. Miles has always loved jumping the jumps with the horses, that's why I decided to try agility with him. He actually knows when the horses mess up — hit a rail, miss a distance, etc. — and he'll start barking at them as if to yell at them."

Miles took his shot in the agility competition on Saturday:

Although Miles didn't advance to the finals, he did show how incredible rescue dogs can be if you give them a chance, some patience, and love. 

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