Watch "The Crabs," a 1976 Czech animated sci-fi short about weaponized robot crabs

Krabi (in English, "The Crabs") is a 1976 animated sci-fi short film that takes the concept of carcinisation — the idea that everything eventually evolves into a crab-like form — to its logical militarized conclusion. The film was directed by Czech filmmaker Václav Mergl, adapting the short story "Crabs on the Island" by Ukrainian author Anatoly Dneprov. It's 10 short minutes of surreal sci-fi crabbiness, in which a military technologist learns the hard way that his crab-inspired robot soldiers may be even more perfect than he planned for.

Here's the blurb from IMDB:

A sci-fi film that is an allegory about the suicidal character of war waged by militant factions. A military scientist who originally intends to breed perfect robots – crabs, based on the principle "the strongest survive", that would live on metal and would be an ideal diversionary weapon – finds his plans turned against him but it is too late to change it.

Of course the military would want to find a way to exploit crabs. And of course the crabs will always win in the end.

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