"Dismembered legs" found roadside identified as something else entirely

A road construction crew working in the small town of Granville Township, Ohio spotted a full trash bag and set it aside to be brought to the dump. A few days later though, one of their big machines snagged the bag and it tore open, revealing a shocking sight. Stocking out of the garbage bag were two female legs.

The shocking find prompted an immediate call to the Licking County Sheriff's Office, who then contacted the coroner's office. Multiple emergency vehicles rushed to the scene on Burg Street, causing quite a commotion.

"I've never been called out to a situation like this," county coroner Renee Rogers told the Times Gazette.

Upon closer inspection, Rogers determined that the legs were not from a living human. In fact, they weren't from any living thing. The legs were part of a sex doll.

"What they were looking at did not clearly match with a human body that would have been outside for some time," Rogers said.

The anatomically-correct lower torso and legs were "very dirty, covered in dirt and grass, however, it did not have any stench or bugs near it," according to the police report.

The doll was brought to the police station and logged into evidence.

"I can't tell you exactly what we're going to do with it," said Detective Cory Burgess.

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