Germans battle in traditional "pull my finger" competition

Last Sunday in Bernbeuren, Germany, the lively tradition of "fingerhakeln" took center stage in a beer tent. In this unique sport, 150 men, decked out in traditional Bavarian attire, faced off by hooking their middle fingers through a leather loop and trying to yank each other across the table.

It's like a high stakes version of "pull my finger," popular in southern Germany and Austria. And it requires incredible strength—sometimes even leading to dislocated fingers! [via Neatorama]

"This tradition has been popular for a very long time in beer houses and pubs across the region," said Marie-Therese Eierstock, the head of the Fingerhakler Gau Auerberg association, founded in 1961 and organized this year's championship.

Customarily, only men are allowed to participate in finger-wrestling competitions.

At Sunday's tournament, the youngest competitor was 15 years old and the oldest 70, Eierstock said.

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