Indiana judge rules that tacos and burritos are sandwiches

Superior Judge Craig J. Bobay of Allen County, Indiana has ruled that tacos and burritos "are Mexican-style sandwiches." The ruling follows a legal dispute at a Fort Wayne strip mall around whether the locally-owned eatery The Famous Taco could open there.

Previously, developer Martin Quintana had signed an agreement with a nearby condo association that "made-to-order" sandwich restaurants, such as Subway, would be permitted at the mall but "traditional fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, Arby's and Wendy's" were prohibited. Later, Quintana—with the condo association's blessing—agreed that The Famous Taco could set up shop at the mall. However, the Allen County Plan Commission insisted that would violate the prior agreement and would require an amendment.

Judge Bobay said nope, no amendment was necessary.

"The Court agrees with Quintana that tacos and burritos are Mexican style sandwiches, and the original Written Commitment does not restrict potential restaurants to only American cuisine-style sandwiches," Bobay wrote.

Not only that, but restaurants serving made-to-order Greek gyros, Indian naan wraps, and Vietnamese Banh mi sandwiches would also be permitted without any hassle.


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