Project Random is a fun obscure content finder for the web

Project Random is a fun obscure content generator for the web.

To use the site, simply click on any of the 15 platforms it links to such as YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Spotify, and more. You'll be redirected to a random piece of obscure content that isn't being suggested to you by any type of algorithm, which is what makes this site exciting to use.

From Project Random:

"Project Random randomly serves obscure content from around the web. It puts the web on shuffle by randomizing the algorithms behind social media and streaming platforms, to unearth content that you (or anyone in the world) might otherwise never see. 


The Internet today is dominated by engagement-based algorithms that are designed to serve popular, addictive content. The content that we see and interact with is only the very tip of a colossal media iceberg. It is within the depths of this iceberg where we find the obscure web: content that is uploaded, only to remain unseen and forgotten about for the remainder of its existence. 

Project Random gives forgotten content a chance to be seen by someone, somewhere in the world. 

Project Random is a 0xBEEF project. We are not affiliated with any of the platforms featured on this website." 

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