Harpist's calm composure infuriates self-appointed harp cop

The TikTok video opens with harpist Robyn Hearts plucking away amid the urban hustle. But a sourpuss gatekeeper just couldn't let tranquility reign.

The self-appointed harp cop huffs and puffs about permits and protocols. "Have you got permission? What even to ask permission?" she badgers the unflappable musician. When informed the performance is simply an act of spreading joy, not begging, the sour harp-cop grows more agitated and more incomprehensible. "You don't ask for that. You don't put that then!"

Our harp-playing hero maintains a Zen-like calm all the while, continuing her melody undisturbed. She smiles politely as the irate interrogator threatens to ask the local council to arrest her. Hearts responds with just the kind of lilting laugh you'd expect.

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