North Carolina senate passes bill to ban masks in public – even for cancer patients

The MAGA anti-mask brigade in the North Carolina Senate just rammed through a draconian bill that bans wearing masks in public — even for legitimate health reasons, reports USA Today.

The Trump-worshippers in the senate who introduced the bill are regurgitating "bring back pre-COVID rules" and "stop criminals hiding their identity" talking points and accusing Democrats of "fearmongering" about the health implications.

From USA Today:

Sen. Sydney Batch (D-Wake) proposed an amendment to address the safety of immunocompromised North Carolinians in the Senate session later that day.

"Even after we've dealt with a massive pandemic where 30,000 North Carolinians died of COVID, we are now trying to turn back time and ignore science and allow individuals who want to protect themselves, or to protect their loved ones, from wearing a mask," Batch said.

There was talk in the committee meeting earlier that day of working with the House to amend the language to allow for people to use masks for health reasons, but on the Senate floor all three proposed amendments were rejected.

In MAGA land, when you strip away exemptions for the immunocompromised, it's considered acting in good faith.

After passing through the Senate, the bill is now lurching its way over to the North Carolina House.

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