This 10th Gen iPad Magic Folio adds a keyboard and trackpad for $94.97

TL;DR: Connect a touchpad and keyboard to your 10th Gen iPad when you get a like-new Apple Magic Keyboard Folio, and you can jump right to checkout and get one for $94.97!

Touchscreens are good for a lot of things, but typing more than a text may not be one of them. This Keyboard Folio adds a keyboard and trackpad to your 10th Gen iPad.

The keyboard has a scissor mechanism, so it feels like a normal keyboard, and the trackpad supports multi-touch gestures and cursor control, and that's just the start of what this thing can do! 

Done trying to type a long email on a touchscreen keyboard? It might be time to head straight to checkout and get an Apple Magic Keyboard for 10th Gen iPads for $94.97. 

Priced like refurbished, works like new

What really makes this keyboard unique is the 14-key function row that corresponds to the different functions of your iPad 10th Gen. You can put it to sleep, change brightness or volume, and access media controls!

You can also fully detach the keyboard from the back panel if you like to lean back while you type. As cool as that is, it's not called a folio for nothing. The whole thing doubles as a case and even has an adjustable built-in stand.

Heard enough? Make this iPad 10th Gen-compatible touchpad and keyboard yours by jumping to checkout!

This Magic Keyboard Folio is a New Open-Box item, which means it may have come into contact with a customer, but it has been verified to be in like-new condition and put into clean packaging. The price has dropped (lucky for you!) since the item has been exposed, and its packaging shows signs of handling.

Great for students and remote workers

Keep your tablet's easy, sleek design, but improve its functionality to rival a laptop's.  

Time to go right to checkout and get an Apple Magic Keyboard Folio for iPad 10th Gen for just $94.97!

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