Food cans are dropping from top of 23-story building in Portland, nearly hitting people as they walk by

A luxury 23-story apartment building in Portland, Oregon has become a dangerous place for nearby pedestrians, as food cans keep dropping from the top floor. And nobody knows who is behind it.

The dangerous prank, which has been going on for at least six weeks, has damaged one car so far — with a can of ravioli. Other cans have nearly hit people walking near the Ladd Tower, but fortunately, so far, nobody has been hurt. From The Independent:

Workers at the neighboring Higgins Restaurant in downtown Portland say they have been recently noticing cans being thrown out of a building and crashing down beside them, sometimes barely missing them.

The cans have already damaged the car of one employee at the restaurant, Lauren Ellis, who told KOIN that the roof of her vehicle was dented after she found cans, including an obliterated tin of ravioli, lying around her car after her shift. …

Dylan Shmitt, a general manager at Higgins, told the outlet that there have been some "close calls" with some of their employees and other pedestrians wandering down the street. …

The police say the person is most likely occupying an upper-level apartment in the 23-story Ladd Tower, but it is very hard to pin down exactly what unit that would be from, so are asking for the public's help and ask anyone who may know the identity of the person to contact them.

"We're hoping there'll be an easy way to find this one culprit," the general manager of the next-door restaurant said. "It's just one person on top of a building."