Melania looks utterly sick and miserable standing next to Trump at Barron's graduation (photo)

While some pictures are worth 1,000 words, a snapshot of Melania Trump looking sick and miserable as she rigidly stands next to her philandering husband during Barron's graduation says it all in just five words: "Get me out of here!" (See photo below, posted by Wu Tang is for the Children.)

Unwilling to even look at the cad, Melania stares straight ahead, her eyes hidden behind a large straw hat, leaving her poor dad on one side of her to make nice with the orange beast on the other side of her.

Fortunately, his criminal trial resumes again on Monday, and if she's lucky, he'll be out of her hair soon enough.

Amusingly, Melania isn't the only one in the family suffering from a bout of the ick. Donald Trump himself experienced the miserable feeling recently when a clingy Kari Lake wouldn't leave his side — which you can read about on Boing Boing here.