Why exactly does Carson City, Nevada public administrator Scott Hoen need to keep all those corpses on ice?

An official in Carson City, Nevada has been refusing to sign off on indigent cremations in the city for months, and the bodies are piling up in funeral homes. One director, talking to Carson Now, says he doesn't know why public administrator Scott Hoen is ignoring repeated requests to approve the bodies' disposal. They now have 12 corpses there, lurking well past the 31-day legal maximum.

"We leave messages, wait, call the front office; we show up once a week at least every other week if we're not too busy," Finkes said. "It always requires a physical trip."

Carson Now reached out to Hoen and the Public Administrator's Office for comment without success. …

During these in-person visits to the office in search of a signature, Finkes said she'd been told multiple times from others that Hoen was in the office but could be seen "sitting with his feet up on his desk with nothing to do," and still would not return the signatures needed.

We're at the point with these guys (Hoen's not an election denier, just #1 with election deniers) where you simply can't predict what the reason is. Incompetence and laziness? Libertarian-flavored curtailment of state capacity? Formless plans to personally desecrate the corpses? Is he a necromancer? You just can't know.

"All we need is a signature," Thomas echoed. "With the length of time that goes on, the logistics of storing a body for so long…I can tell you, it's not good."

Give the guy a break: he's really busy posting unlicensed, still-watermarked stock art to his political campaign's Facebook page.

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