"You'll thank me for his life," Trump demands praise from military parent

While being interviewed on a radio show by the parent of a United States Armed Services member, disgraced former President Donald Trump found a sleazy new way to disrespect the men and women who serve.

Trump was on a conservative radio program giving a fantastically reimagined version of global events when he learned the host's son had been stationed in harm's way. Rather than asking the host to convey the thanks of a former POTUS to an armed serviceman, Trump instead wanted his ego stroked.

Trump based this on when he hit Iran, he claims they communicated they would retaliate with a show of force, but not directly target a U.S. Military base and pledged they were "not going to hurt anybody."

In reality, Iran attacked US military personnel on both January 8th and March 12th, 2020. At the time, Trump downplayed the 100 January 8th injuries as "headaches." As a result of Iran's March 12th attack, 3 US-led coalition service members died.

Trump asked if Hewitt was aware of that base. Hewitt excitedly answered that his "son was on that base at that time."

Trump then directed Hewitt:

"Ok, good. Well say, well then tell him to thank me for his life, ok? You'll thank me for his life."

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