Don't forget water safety! Add this adult life vest by Stearns to your beach bag for $24

TL;DR: Enjoy the water this summer, whether that's the ocean, lake, or river, but don't forget about safety! Add this adult life vestto your arsenal for just $23.99 (reg. $59.99).

Summertime's just around the corner! Whether you're headed to the beach, lake, or river in the warmer months, you can't forget the sunscreen, water, aloe, or one more item: a life vest.

We're not trying to cramp your summer fun this year, but let's be honest: you've got to stay safe in the water, especially if you're planning to jet-ski or learn some cool water skiing tricks! With the Stearns Adult Classic Series Life Vest, you can enjoy your water sports and activities with peace of mind, and it's now only $23.99 (reg. $59.99).

The Stearns life vest is U.S. Coast Guard-approved, meaning it meets specific regulations for most, if not all, water activities. That means it's ideal for anyone going on a boating adventure, whitewater rafting, tubing, or water skiing!

Thanks to its nylon construction, this adult life vest is extremely comfortable and durable, even if you wear it all day on the water. It's compatible with adults with chests measuring anywhere from 40 to 60 inches, and it's easy to customize how this adult life vest fits thanks to its open-sided design with three adjustable buckles.

It's also incredibly lightweight, providing buoyancy with its PE flotation foam without holding you down. You'll stay upright in the water when wearing this Stearns gear, which could be helpful if your jet-skiing or boating tricks go awry. 

And unlike typical water protection gear, the Stearns life vest is covered in an antimicrobial coating. This helps it withstand odor, mildew, and fungi development, ensuring you can take this life vest with you summer after summer!

Whether you're leisurely boating or participating in extreme water sports, add this life vest to your bag for additional safety in any body of water.

Grab the Stearns Adult Classic Series Life Vest for just $23.99. No coupon needed!

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