Frog video has the best captions in the history of captions

You have probably seen this video of an adorable little frog with an oversized squeal, which I assume is terrifying to other tiny frogs. While the original version is one of the best things on the internet, the BBC improves it with the addition of narration, and turning on the captions is perfection.

This video is now my go-to for several situations. Bad mood? SQUEAAAAK. Writer's block? SQUEAAAAK. Sad? SQUEAAAAK.

It turns out these little guys (and I mean little – 4 to 6 centimeters!) are pretty unusual for frogs. They can't jump, climb or swim. They also don't have a tadpole stage. Their eggs hatch into froglets. FROGLETS. If you also need to know everything about these ridiculous creatures, I recommend this video.

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