In France you can ride The Aéroplume: a helium blimp for one person

In this video, you can see Tom Scott try the Aéroplume for only €60. This looks like too much fun for the price. I wish there was something like this where I live. 

Scott also lets us know how much helium it takes to lift one person off the ground. The Aéroplume  experience takes place inside of a giant indoor space with high ceilings and lots of open space to drift around. The rider hangs face down from the blimp and can control its direction with a wing-like steering device. 

From Youtube:

"The Aéroplume, in France, is a helium blimp sized for one person. €60 gets you half an hour's flight. I had to try it. ■ More about Aéroplume: ■ This isn't sponsored: I paid for my flight at the normal price, I was the one to contact them asking permission, and Aéroplume had no editorial control. I am, however, amazed that in the ten years this has been going, no-one's ever told me about it before!"

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