San Francisco "Painted Lady" gets pixelated makeover

If you got the chance to paint a "Painted Lady," why not paint it an extraordinary way? That's exactly what artist Xavi Panneton did. Last summer, he took the opportunity to give a historic San Francisco Victorian a stunning makeover. Located in Duboce Triangle, this house was transformed to stand out among its traditional neighbors. And stand out it does–just look at this thing!

Designed and painted in the summer of 2023, this modern twist on a San Francisco classic uses the house's lines to create a futuristic pixelated design:

Although the busy pattern may seem to run contrary to the Victorian's elegance, Panneton pointed out that his design works with the house's architecture, not against it. The blocks of color fit neatly within its wooden slats, and a dark blue trim runs along the house's edges, windows and railings, grounding the design's strips of bright color. 

Images: Xavi Panneton/used with permission

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