Swedish author steals the show with humor and honesty

In this hilarious and heartwarming video, international bestselling author Fredrik Backman takes the stage at the Simon & Schuster centennial celebration humorously admitting that he's only there because his agent insisted it would be good for his career. He jokes about being more comfortable with the characters he creates than with real people.

Backman then jokes about his struggles with anxiety, using his Scandinavian roots as a comedic touchpoint. He compares Swedish depression to its American counterpart with an IKEA joke, saying it's cheaper and self-assembled, often with missing parts. His knack for procrastination is highlighted as he confesses the real reason he's speaking: to avoid finishing his current book.

Wrapping up, Backman offers a heartfelt message to aspiring writers, acknowledging his own insecurities and encouraging them to chase their dreams despite any doubts. [via Digg]