Expensive pizza toppings: Ruby red pineapples are selling for $395 each

This Costa Rican pineapple is delicious and one of the most expensive pizza toppings I know.

Pineapple belongs on pizza. Pineapple belongs on pizza. Pineapple belongs on pizza. Wait, one more time… pineapple belongs on pizza. I will put pineapple on regular old pepperoni pizza, and I like it on my BBQ chicken pizzas as well. The only pizza I regularly make and haven't tried it on is peanut butter and jelly.

The Rubyglow pineapple is available from Melissa's Produce for a whopping $395.99. The fruit is pinkish-red on the outside, and yellow on the inside

Only a few thousand of the expensive pineapples are produced each year by Fresh Del Monte, which sells a variety of produce.

Del Monte says the Rubyglow pineapple is a result of 15 years of research. The company had a limited amount available only in China earlier this year, before electing to bring the fruit to the U.S.