Feel your music with a pair of waterproof bone conduction headphones, now $64

TL;DR: Feel the music in your bones with a pair of Dashlyte Bluetooth Bone-Conduction Headphones that are waterproof, comfortable, let sound come in, and are on sale for $63.96 with code DASHLYTE!

So you're at the gym. You've been using a machine for a few sets while jamming to your workout tunes (house beats to pump iron to!), and then you realize someone has been trying to get your attention. Noise-canceling headphones are great, but there are some places where they work a little too well. 

Transparent mode and other noise-canceling features are designed to enrich your listening experience, but then it's harder to hear your tunes. The answer isn't to ditch your music. It's to get a pair of headphones that let sound and your music come through clearly at the same time.

The Dashlyte headphones use bone conduction vibrations to play music through your bones, allowing you to hear what's around you and your tunes. They're on sale for $63.96 with code DASHLYTE, but not for much longer! 

Waterproof headphones for the gym

Feel the music in your bones (literally!) with these awesome headphones. The unique design wraps around your ear and plays music through your bones, so you can listen and feel your music without missing out on anything going on around you. 

These headphones are lightweight, comfortable, and IPX5 waterproof. That means they can withstand water or sweat, but take them off before diving into the pool or ocean. There are even built-in LED lights to improve visibility for nighttime workouts!

Fully charged, these headphones could last for up to six hours, but listening to music isn't the only thing they can do. They also have a noise-canceling microphone that lets you take calls hands-free. 

Bone-conduction headphones with a long battery

Feel the music in your bones. 

Get a pair of Dashlyte Bluetooth Bone-Conduction Headphones for $63.96 with code DASHLYTE!

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