Japan disagrees with Lindsay Graham's enthusiasm for nuclear wars

Having been the victim of humanity's only use of atomic bombs in war, Japanese officials are concerned that US leaders fail to understand how horrible nuclear weapons are.

Lickspittle Senator Lindsay Graham recently suggested the Israelis nuke the Gaza Strip. Graham doesn't remember World War II very well and seems to think Japan was not already on the ropes when the US decided to attack two civilian population centers. Japanese officials are concerned US leadership has forgotten the horrifying results of their actions and are now romanticizing mass murder.

At a subcommittee meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 8, Graham referred to the atomic bombings when he urged U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and others to provide ammunition to Israel. Austin suggested, in response to a question from Graham, that the U.S. atomic bombings were necessary to end the war.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi told a news conference Monday that these remarks are "extremely regrettable."

The atomic bombings "took many precious lives, caused (a number of) people to suffer unspeakable hardships such as illnesses and brought about an extremely regrettable humanitarian situation," the top government spokesman said.

The Japanese government told the U.S. government and Graham's office that the use of nuclear weapons is not in line with the spirit of international law.

Japan plans to continue efforts to spread an accurate understanding of the reality of the atomic bombings. However, a senior Foreign Ministry official suggested that there are limits to what the government can do.

Japan Times