Probiotic startup's legal threats to critic draw attention to his claims

Lumina is a probiotic startup: it makes some sort of teeth potion? The only thing I actually know about it is that it doesn't want you to read Trevor Klee's post, "please don't take Lumina's anticavity biotic" and has threatened him with legal action.

I had my suspicions that Aaron did not want to engage in legitimate scientific debate, given that he did not respond to my email. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, though, even when he threatened legal action, refused to be recorded or in writing giving any responses, and deferred all scientific questions to his advisors.

However, given that he's now said deliberately inaccurate things on my blog, I believe engaged his supporters to brigade my blog, and connected me with an employee who also threatened to sue me, I will no longer give him or Lumina the benefit of the doubt. I think Aaron and Lumina would rather their product claims be not submitted to scrutiny by anyone, and are willing to intimidate and lie in order to do so.

All this is of course now top of Hacker News and going viral elsewhere. If you want to imagine the future, Winston, just imagine Barbra Streisand relentlessly, mercilessly, looping-GIFily kicking a techbro in the nuts forever.

Lumina Probiotic CEO Aaron Silverbrook, in his threat to Klee: "Dude, if the product wasn't safe, I wouldn't be using it myself, giving it to my girlfriend, and giving it to my friends."

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