Hilarious Pomeranian "goes through every emotion" impatiently waiting for a drive-thru In-N-Out burger (video)

The fast food at In-N-Out just wasn't fast enough for an excited Pomeranian, who went through every hue of emotion while impatiently waiting at the drive-thru for her meal.

When first spotting the burger joint, she licked her chops with glorious anticipation. She then lied down to pout, wondering what was taking so long. Next came the happy yips as the car rolled closer to the cashier window. And then, as the burger was set inside the car but not yet in front of her, the shakes set in, along with an intense stare and more licking of the chops.

Finally, the 12-year-old pooch wolfed down the bunless hamburger as if she were a famished young pup, even licking the paper afterwards until every last drop disappeared. With such a speedy inhalation, it's impossible to say whether or not she even tasted the meat patty, but she did seem to end on a satisfied note. (See video below, posted by lola_thepom.)

Via ParadePets
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