Keep your beverages nice and chilly this summer with this fridge-freezer cooler combo

TL;DR: Ensure you always have a cold one on hand on camping trips, pool days, and more with a heavy-duty electric fridge and freezer: the Explorer Bear, now just $599.

When it's hot outside, cracking open a cold drink can quickly turn into a lukewarm one, and that's never a fun experience. That's why if you're heading out on a camping trip or a day out by the water, you simply must have a reliable, hardworking cooler on hand, and that old dinky one you've been using for the last 10 years just ain't gonna cut it.

Designed to weather the elements, the Explorer Bear is an electric cooler that can keep your favorite beverages and snacks chilled to perfection in the craziest of heat, ideal for camping trips, beach excursions, and everything in between. And with summer just around the corner, this bad boy is the perfect summertime accessory to add to your arsenal, especially with its price tag of $599.

Unlike other coolers you may have used in the past, the Explorer Bear can hold quite a bit, up to 75 liters, whether you opt for its freezer side or its refrigerator side. In fact, this thing is big enough to house 106 12-oz cans or as many as 85 16-oz bottles. It's also great to use to keep meat cold before you pop it onto the grill.

Capable of reaching temps as low as -4ºF without overconsumption of power, this cooler is a summertime essential, and you don't have to constantly worry about filling it with ice to keep temperatures low. And, thanks to its stainless steel exterior and convenient handles, you can take this thing just about anywhere, no matter how tough the terrain.

Cool down with the Explorer Bear dual zone electric freezer and refrigerator for just $599.

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