Los Angeles lunatic tightrope walks between two skyscrapers

"Reckless" Ben Schneider took a walk across a tightrope between two skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month. Video below.

"It was very scary. I was looking down… When you get scared you start to shake and when you shake, the line shakes and then you fall off," Schneider said. "I didn't want to fall."

I'm sure. That said, he was wearing a safety harness that—if it worked—would keep him hanging in the event of a slip-up.

Perhaps the best part of the story—besides the fact that Schneider didn't die—is how he accessed the two buildings which are part of a vacant development called Oceanwide Plaza.

"We pretended we were a religious cult and we got 20 people to all hold signs saying 'Jesus Saves' and the signs were blocking the police's point of view so we just hopped the fence," he told KTLA-TV.

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