Moose kills man trying to photograph its newborn calves

A 70-year-old man was killed in Alaska by the mother of two newborn moose calves he was trying to photograph. Dale Chorman of Homer died Sunday after approaching the group near the town, about four hours drive south of Anchorage.

"As they were walking through the brush looking for the moose, that's when the cow moose attacked Dale," McDaniel said.

The attack happened as the two were running away, he said. The second man, who has not been publicly identified, was uninjured.

That person did not witness the attack, so authorities cannot say if the moose killed Chorman by kicking or stomping him, or a combination.

The fisheries department there warns that while moose are usually not aggressive, they "can become so if provoked"

"Calving season for moose is the time when you definitely want to give them extra space," McDaniel said. "Cow moose with calves are going to be some of the more aggressive moose you're going to come in contact with."

Note that the photograph above is of a different moose and calves. The photographer lives.

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